Creative Gardening - How To Design One You Will Love

When you plant your own garden, you might as well make it as interesting and creative as possible. You can definitely be artistic and original when planting your own Backyard Landscape Design Melbourne garden; it doesn't matter how big the garden is or what you will be planting in it. The following are some suggestions for gardening as creatively as possible.

If you like a formal look, you may enjoy learning how to create a topiary garden. This consists of shrubs that have been trimmed and coaxed into recognizable shapes - usually animals. If you look back into history, you will discover that civilizations have been designing and enjoying topiary gardens for centuries. Their popularity is just as great today. After you have planted a species of shrub that can be successfully shaped Front Landscape Design Plans - a very important consideration - you trim and snip the shrubs into your desired shapes. To be successful at topiary you generally need to start with shrubs that have small leaves. Becoming skilled at this may take some practice, though you can find guides such as videos that show you how. If you are the least bit adventurous, you will probably prefer to learn how to trim your topiary yourself; however, there's always the option of hiring someone who already has the experience to trim yours for you. Regardless of how you proceed, your garden or yard will most assuredly be different than anyone else's in your neighborhood. Anyone looking for a unique format for a garden might like the Asian Garden motif. One project that you might want to consider is putting in a Koi pond - this can be very costly but beautiful to look at. Asian gardens are some of the best in the world which is why you might want to have one. Bonsai tress are very popular in Asian gardens, as are Cherry trees, so these are some of the possibilities to consider. A good accompaniment to any Asian garden is a pergola, a wooden structure that you can sit under or perhaps use for entertaining.

One type of garden that is becoming popular is a native garden. Simply take plants in your local area and plant them in your garden. Native plants by definition are not plants brought in by settlers over the last couple hundred years, but those that have been here for thousands of years prior to the European settlements. This means that any plant brought in from Europe would not matter at all; you could only use Landscape Design And Planning North American plants in your garden. So wherever you live, plants must only come from your region and not a foreign location. To do this, you need to do a lot of research on which plants are actually from your area.

Creativity is the key when creating a garden that is representative of your imagination and knowledge of gardening. It is up to you whether you make a regular garden, or add a great deal of creativity to the entire project. The ideas presented in this article will, with any luck, allow you to start thinking in a new direction, to create a wonderful garden that you will appreciate.

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